Recruitment and secondment in chemistry and life sciences

Are you looking for an interesting job in the chemistry or life science sector? CLS Services, our company based in the Netherlands, might have the ideal fit for you. We’re a recruitment agency with plenty of interesting jobs on offer. Check out our current vacancies and find your new dream job!

A large range of scientifical jobs in various sectors

Our chemistry and life science recruitment company has a huge range of vacancies on offer. We offer jobs in food, pharmaceuticals, industrial production, diagnostics, sustainability, energy, agriculture - socially and economically relevant areas with a central role for chemistry and life sciences. For example, in our database you will find:

CLS Services knows this sector and the people who work in it inside and out. Thanks to this, we know how to match the right people with the right opportunity. We make sure there’s a match between the vacancy holder and the candidate and help with the contractual aspects. In case of a permanent position, you will be employed by the vacancy holder themselves. If the job is a temporary solution, you will be employed by us. We provide you with excellent employment terms, including pension accrual.

Discover all of our vacancies

If you’re looking for a (new) job or for (new) colleagues, get to know CLS Services. We’re the experts in recruitment and secondment in chemistry and life sciences. Take a look at our vacancies and make sure to apply if there’s a job you like! Are you looking for experts for your own company? You can upload your vacancy here.