When you start working for CLS Services (secondment) we can offer you Personal Coaching with attention for your individual situation. In the case of recruitment we can also help you find the right coach. We work together with a number of (external) coaches who are able to visit you at the premises of your prospective employer.

The purpose of personal coaching is to develop and/or adapt your skills and qualities. This is achieved through individual feedback and by helping you take a conscious look at yourself. This gives you a good understanding of your own functioning and puts you in the role of director rather than mere spectator.

Coaching mainly involves asking exactly the right questions that encourage you to self-reflect. Coaching helps you take a step off to the side, as it were. Sometimes you will use the coaching sessions to look at your own activities, ideas and vision from a distance, with the help of your coach. At other times you may have an issue that you will explore together to find a suitable answer.


The objective of the coaching is to help you address the issues you encounter in your work in a structurally different manner. You achieve this by gaining an understanding of the patterns that cause you to function sub-optimally. In addition you will be given a range of practical tools that you will be using in your job. After every session you will be given assignments to complete or things to practice with. You then discuss the results in the next session. This helps you put what you've learned into practice step by step. Your personal coach will support, challenge, stimulate and encourage you in this process, so you can get to where you want to be.