Coaching themes

The personal coaching themes may differ quite a lot between individuals. There are some themes that occur frequently:

Effective communication
Communication is an important factor that will affect your effectiveness as a professional. It pays to consciously consider your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to communication. In the coaching programme you become aware of your own communication methods and their effect on others. You'll learn how to communicate clearly and effectively with different people in different work situations, such as customers, clients and colleagues.

Personal effectiveness
In a personal effectiveness programme you will learn to make optimal use of your qualities and become more visible, in a way that suits your personality. It starts with becoming aware of your own qualities and subsequently utilising these qualities to realise your vision.

Time management
You will complete a number of preparatory assignments at home, dealing with the way you use your time. We will discuss these assignments during the sessions. You will be given a number of practical pointers. Then you will use your improved time management skills in practice, so you can continue to discuss any potential obstacles as you encounter them. It's recognising and breaking through the underlying patterns that will result in improvement and a better handle on your time so you can wholeheartedly agree that yes, time flies, but you are the pilot.