Recruitment or secondment? It is all about the match

For us, recruitment has to work both ways: the client finds the right candidate and the candidate finds the right client. Both parties must be satisfied; only then have you got a good match.

That’s why we don't rush things. We prefer to do some intensive prep work, and only if we think there is a realistic chance of success will we introduce you to the client. We take the time and energy of both our candidates and clients extremely seriously. The match must be ‘made in heaven’, as it were.

Once both parties are convinced, we’ll proceed with the formal aspects. This may mean that you start working for the client, either temporarily or permanently. In the case of a project-based vacancy or interim project secondment is often the preferred option. In that case you will be employed by CLS Services and we will make you an offer providing you with excellent employment terms, including pension accrual. Whether it's recruitment or secondment, we provide coaching and support throughout the entire process.