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With the assistance of CLS Services, finding chemistry jobs in the Netherlands at prominent companies will be a lot easier. We make this possible by matching the needs of organisations with talented people with the right expertise and skills for a certain position. You can find a comprehensive overview of vacancies in the chemistry industry on our website.

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 Are you a graduate or are you a professional in the chemistry field? CLS Services offers opportunities for anyone who has experience in this discipline. Not only by providing interesting chemistry vacancies from the Netherlands that open the door to jobs with which professionals are able to build their career, but also by coaching and support during the entire process of application, acquaintance and onboarding. Because our specialists have built practical knowledge when they worked in the chemistry and life science industry themselves, they are able to keep communication lines short and connect the right vacancies and jobs in the Netherlands to our candidates.

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Once you have uploaded your cv on our website and examined all chemistry or other vacancies you find interesting, we make an accurate profile of you as a professional. Therefore, we need not just an overview of your work experience, but also an outline of your motivation and future perspectives. Do you want to build a career in chemical engineering, or are you more interested in R&D pharma jobs? What is it that attracts you to certain sectors? We look forward to get to know your aspirations and to connect you to inspiring chemistry jobs in the Netherlands. Upload your cv today and call +31 (0)88 - 22 77 555 when you have any questions.