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The core of a company is about their people

The chemistry and life sciences sector is highly substance-driven. Parties engaged in this field must not only continuously keep their knowledge level up-to-date, but also actively expand, augment and deepen this knowledge. In this sector innovation isn't a choice, it's non-negotiable.

This requires passionate people who combine (substantive) knowledge with a creative and solution-oriented approach to their work. People who are stimulated by complex challenges. People who remain inquisitive and get their motivation from shifting boundaries.

At CLS Services we know those people. Since 2005 we've been the specialists in recruitment, executive search and secondment for the chemistry and life sciences sector. Our candidates are management or functional specialists at B.Sc., M.Sc. or Ph.D. level in the agri-food, biotech, (bio)pharma or chemistry sectors. We fill permanent and temporary roles in, among other areas, R&D, process engineering, QA/QC, supply chain, marketing and sales. This may take the form of a unique assignment, but we are also increasingly finding that clients ask us to act as their preferred supplier for recruitment and/or secondment. Or even ask us to take over responsibility for the entire HR process in specific domains.

It won't work without customisation

Ultimately, the success of an organisation is all about the people who work there. And if it's about people, you need to deliver custom work. That's why we like to visit your company in person, to find out more about the preferences and requirements of your organisation so we can tailor our services accordingly. Please contact us for an introductory meeting or register your vacancy, and we will get in touch.