Secondment: a favourite option among clients and professionals

We have seen the demand for secondment through CLS grow steadily these last few years. Not only are clients increasingly interested in this option, growing numbers of professionals are also showing an interest in this format. Being employed by CLS Services gives them the freedom to work for different clients on a project basis. For clients the secondment option is interesting because it makes it easy for them to have access to employees who bring exactly the right knowledge and experience to the table, and who possess the latest insights in their specific professional field.

We are happy to assist with the demand for secondment. The procedure is the same as the Recruitment & Selection process. However, the professionals will be employed by CLS Services and we provide them with an excellent package of primary and secondary terms of employment as well as the latest pension facilities. But that's not all. Employment with CLS Services also means working structurally and systematically on personal and professional development. For us, coaching, workshops and training are an equally important part of a complete package that meets the requirements of the passionate professionals who choose this option - and the preferences of our clients, who get the optimal benefit from the knowledge offered by our professionals.