Route to Plus Ultra

CLS Services

Bronland 12-C
6708 WH Wageningen
the Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)88 22 77 555

We are located in the Plus Ultra Building on Wageningen University campus.

Buitenkant impressie


Plan your route to our office and use Routenet (car) or 9292 Reiswijzer (Public transport):

Plan mijn OV reis


Public transport bicycle (OV-fiets)

Our office is also accessible by public transport bicycle (OV-fiets).
The cycling distance from Station Ede-Wageningen to the Plus Ultra building is 6,8km.
There are bicycle stands around the building.


Public transport

From railway station Ede / Wageningen:


Electric car

On the parking at the back of the building we have the ability to charge your electric car.



(If you use a navigation system, enter Bronland 12 - Wageningen (no suffix)).


From the highway DEN HAAG – AMSTERDAM – UTRECHT (A12)

From the highway NIJMEGEN – DEN BOSCH (A50)