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Flooring Formulation Expert

Vacaturenummer: A2100131
CLS Services - Brabant (Nederland)

For one of our clients we are looking for a Flooring Formulation Expert.


  • Parttime job (1-2 days/week)
  • 100% solids UV coatings
  • Formulation
  • Flooring

We are looking for a hands-on 100% UV coatings developer! You must have real practical experience in the lab with developing and preparing 100% solids UV coatings. The goal of this project is to understand and learn how a typical 100% solids UV (vinyl) floor coating is build-up and prepared and to understand how a typical 100% solids UV white coat for furniture looks like. The company has resins and diluent in their portfolio and the capabilities to perform comparative studies in simplified coating systems.
The expectation is that you can help our client reaching the next level in formulation design; resin selection, diluent selection, filler selection, pigment selection, initiator selection, additive selection; to come to a typical high performance 100% solids UV coating applied by a roller coater.
There are 2 main approaches possible;
  • You come up with a typical recipe to start. From there on, the company runs a program to exchange ingredients to learn the influence of the ingredients;
  • You start from scratch and design a floor coating based on an existing resin and a white furniture coat.

When the project is completed, the company will use the knowledge for further and future test work and developments.

Who we're looking for
For this role we are looking for a lab technician/coating expert with experience in formulation of 100% UV Coatings. Additionally, you also have experience with radiation wood coatings, Flooring Furniture, Application and/or Surface treatment/finish. You must have recent practical laboratory experience with UV coatings!

Additional vacancy information
Contract:Temporary contract with CLS Services
Education:HBO/BSc. WO/MSc.
Employment terms:Parttime position for 2 - 3 months.
Salary: >60000
Days of leave: 25
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Publication date:17-6-2021
Location:View location with Google Maps
Contactperson:Aniek Vugts
+31 (0)88 22 77 555

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