Research Engineer gas Treatment

Vacancy number: A2300069
TNO Sustainable Process & Energy Systems - Delft (Nederland)

For our client, TNO Sustainable Process & Energy Systems, we are looking for a Research Engineer gas Treatment.


  • B.Sc. Chemistry/Process Technology
  • Maintaining, repairing and upgrading laboratory set-ups
  • Swagelok, twin ferrule fittings
  • Process Laboratory


The energy sector and the (chemical) industry are in a transition towards: the use of new feedstock, the use of renewable energy, process and energy efficiency, introduction of circularity and, of course, carbon capture and re-use. The group Sustainable Process & Energy Systems works on these transitional topics.
Their core technical expertise is Gas- Treatment and Conversion, Separation technologies, Bio-based Building Block synthesis and Energy Conversion & Storage. They work for- and with (renewable) energy and chemistry companies and in a network of international knowledge partners.

Some typical projects/programs they are working on:
  • Hydrogen as a carbon-free fuel and feedstock:
  • Carbon capture and carbon (re)use technology development and piloting:
  • New energy storage solutions (heat and electricity) in the build environment
  • Electrification of the industry:
  • Biomass valorisation: biogas as a fuel and feedstock, biomass conversion to aromatics:
We are looking for a research engineer who wants to work on the topic of Gas Treatment and Conversion.

You’ll be involved in multiple projects. In close cooperation with scientists and project managers you will perform experiments and tests in our lab in Delft and Rijswijk, from bench to pilot scale, and on site at the premises of our (international) clients. In this capacity, you will be responsible for performing the actual experiments, pre-process the results and report and discuss the results with the scientists involved. Safety, quality and accuracy are top priorities and you’ll safeguard those during all experiments.
You will also support the scientist in defining the experimental setup and the test plan for the experiments that need to be performed. In some cases a dedicated setup needs to be developed and build – you will contribute to the design and construction, making sure all items are in place so that the envisioned results can be achieved.

You will be working in the Gas Treatment team. Gas treatment is one of the focus areas of the Sustainable Process & Energy Systems expertise group. The 17 highly motivated people in our international team share a drive to decarbonise industry. We offer you a collaborative and supportive environment, in which we work together to provide solutions for the industry.

Who we're looking for

You thrive on helping accelerate industrial decarbonisation by developing innovative, yet pragmatic carbon capture and utilisation solutions, combining developing and building setup with performing high quality laboratory experiments. You are handy with analytical instruments and also with building setups using e.g. Swagelok. You are a motivated trouble-shooter and comfortable in maintaining, repairing and upgrading laboratory set-ups. You like to work in projects that are challenging and can have strict deadlines. You are comfortable with working in different projects at the same time and flexible with travelling (in the Netherlands and abroad) and being away from home for short periods (like one week). You are an excellent communicator and can work closely with your fellow lab technicians in the lab, as well as during on-site.
  • You have a HBO in e.g., Process Technology, Chemical Engineering or analytical chemistry
  • You have 2 - 4 years of working experience in a process laboratory environment or similar (after your study)
  • You are very comfortable with working in a lab and are very focussed on safety and quality.
  • You understand the challenges of developing technology that needs to be scaled up
  • A good command of written and spoken English, as you’ll be working in an international community.
  • A dedicated team-player who can also work independently.

Company profile

The diverse background in (bio-)process engineering, gas capture and treatment, and thermal energy at TNO gives them a strong position to work towards a sustainable industry and society. Together with their partners, they set the goal to create new technologies and processes that benefit people & our planet, without compromising profit.

Three areas of their current interest are:

  • Green chemistry, where they look at utilization of biobased feedstock for production of chemicals and at sustainable chemical processing, e.g. electrochemical conversions.
  • Gas treatment, which provides solutions, for the production of renewable gases (biogas, syngas, hydrogen, etc.) and for the capture and utilization of CO2.
  • Thermal energy, which covers both energy conversion to heat (and back) as well as heat storage.
Within these areas they create optimised & efficient processes, develop high-performing prototypes, and transfer their knowledge so their partners and clients will gain that competitive edge. This can take the form of sub-systems, but also of complete, integrated setups. In addition, they can arrange benchmarking and test compliance with appropriate standards and regulations.

Additional vacancy information

Contract:Temporary contract with CLS Services
Employment terms:Salary: >2800
Days of leave: 25 + 8
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Publication date:10-11-2023
Location:View location with Google Maps
Contactperson:René Kemps
+31 (0)88 22 77 555

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