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Do you have a biotechnology background and are you looking for interesting vacancies? Then we are sure that we can take you to the next step in your career. CLS Services is one of the most specialised biotechnology recruitment agencies in the Netherlands, because our specialists have a background in this field as well. Therefore, we are able to cooperate closely with prominent companies in biotechnology and many other fields, to offer our candidates the most attractive vacancies.

Are you looking for biotechnology jobs?

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We are the perfect place to find biotechnology vacancies

We work with prominent and innovating companies such as Unilever and Janssen to find the best biotechnology vacancies. In addition, our biotechnology background is highly advantageous to the application process, because getting in touch with potential employers becomes an easy task. When you are searching for biotechnology recruitment agencies, connections like ours can get you a long way. A good reason to contact CLS Services!

What are the advantages of our recruitment agency?

When you apply for a biotechnology job with one of our recruitment agencies, you are ensured of favourable working conditions. It is not for nothing that we select biotechnology vacancies with all the necessary information included: we understand that you want certainty when you are looking for a new job. Moreover, not all recruitment agencies continue to support you once you have started your new job in for example the life sciences, biotechnology or bioscience field. We understand that you want to learn as much as possible, and therefore we make sure that the process of development keeps going. Upload your cv today and discover what distinguishes us from many other biotechnology recruitment agencies! Please contact us when you have any questions about, for example, our working process or vacancies and call +31 (0)88 - 22 77 555.